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Most websites have an above-the-fold call to action. Many use social proof and some even use a road map to help their customers find their best content.

But after that, it’s just a mess.

A typical website gives their visitors too many things to do. With the Upside-Down Home Page, we do the exact opposite.

I want you to think of your home page as the pilot episode of a TV show.

The job of that pilot episode is to hook viewers with a compelling story and get them to watch the next episode. The exact same thing is true of your home page. The #1 goal of your home page is to capture your visitors’ attention and get them to keep reading.

So instead of cluttering this area with other calls to action, we’re going to use what’s been proven to work:

Your best story.

We’re going to use the best content on your website to hook your new visitors and then give them a call to action to subscribe to your email list to learn more.

Let’s walk through the two primary steps.

Step 1: Find your best content.

To find your most popular content, follow these steps:

1. Log into Google Analytics.

2. Click “All Web Site Data” for the site you’re analyzing.

3. In the sidebar, scroll down to and click on “Behavior > Site Content > All Pages”

Once you’ve introduced the result, you need to do three things:

Thing #1: Keep your readers’ attention by sharing the problem that the subject of the article experienced.

Thing #2: Agitate that problem by talking about the struggle that happens when trying to achieve the result.

Thing #3: Give the reader a small glimpse of the solution.

Here is an example of all four elements in action on the Videofruit homepage:

Your action items:

  • Action Item #1: Pick the piece of content you’ll use as your pilot story. (Make sure it’s one of your already-popular articles.)
  • Action Item #2: Format the article to follow the four-part structure we outlined above (result, problem, agitate, solve).

Part 5: Call to Action

Remember the last time you binge-watched a show on Netflix? What happens at the end of each episode?

They make it extremely easy to watch the next episode by auto-playing it.

The call to action at the end of your pilot story is your auto-play.


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